Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Repairing TS input jacks

My TS input/output jacks have been with me since I got Luci (Epi SG) and because of that, they have gotten worn out and tarnished. Instead of me buying a new one, I will just salvage the wire and replace the TS input/output jacks; afterall, the wires are still in great shape, it's just the jacks that have seen better days.

Now I just need to borrow a soldering iron or buy my own (which looks as though I will) and solder in the "tip" and "sheath" wires to make it fully functional as it was back in the better days.

Hopefully I still know how to solder properly... Haven't done so since 2007 LOL

Here are some pics of my new jacks. Not a fan of gold jacks so I went and got me chrome jacks even though they will tarnish alot faster than the gold variants.

And when I do finish fixing my jacks, there is still the problem of my multieffects pedal not accepting TRS jacks; I plan to either use a TRS to RCA splitter or a TRS to TS splitter to have surround sound. Either I return it to the shop and have it fixed (it will take 2 weeks T.T) or I will have to figure it myself (and have the pain of it all), either way, it seems I won't be able to use my effects properly for a while.


Monday, 26 March 2012

Setting Up My Ministudio

It has been awhile since I last held my guitars, let alone configured my stomp boxes, amps, mixers, and whatnot. Sad to say that during my leave of absence in the world of guitars, I lost my amp due to accumulated dust, moisture, and sheer bad luck. Thankfully, I know a little bit of electronics to actually fix the thing, but to top it off, I added my Dad's old tube amp, an EQ, and a few mixers here and there, got my Dad's two massive speakers (had to refabricate it as it is all worn out and the components dying little by little). As a whole, it looks like something straight out of the 60s and 70s with the vintage amps and speakers cabs.

As with my amp head, my multieffects pedal has seen better days; you can stomp on it as much as you'd want but the third pedal just wouldn't react. Guess a trip back to the ol' JB music store to have it fix is on the horizon. Though I am planning on buying individual pedals like I used to have... Looking into the Artec series of pedals.

Got my ever favorite guitar at the helm, Luci (Epiphone SG), as well as my Taylor acoustic named Micah (soon to be reborn as Ashe; more on that next time), whereas Niika (Gibson Les Paul) is in her jacket as I am having her stopbar and tune-o-matic rechromed (having them rechromed along with Et Gabriel, the bassist of Chiro and a good family friend of our's as he has been my sister's high school classmate), so Niika won't be displayed here. Also, Ami (my mom's Yamaha classical) is in her jacket as well... being made way back at '76, I am wary of ever taking her out.

I have had a number of guitars owned and given or sold away... I regret not keeping them all, but the current seven guitars (two electric, one 12 string acoustic, one classical guitar, and three steel string guitars) are the best I have ever owned, so from this point onwards, I won't be giving or selling these babies away.

Just tested the set up earlier and had to much low end sounds coming out from both speakers; I am gonna have to fix the EQ on the amps/mixers and then tinker with the stomp box EQ and hope to remedy it. But I am tired, so I will do that next time. LOL

But overall, I am pleased by the power that comes out of them. Real pleased. I will start building another band this summer and will soon start learning new songs.

Now time for some photos... all these were now taken with my DSLR. No post processing as I am lazy.

Luci, my Epiphone SG, along with the other gear...

Micah, my Taylor acoustic...

A bit off focus... okay maybe really off focus on the Epi logo of Luci.

Two photos of my Dad's (now mine) two massive speaker cabs. Had to do the refab myself and had to solder in new components.

You get to see my Dad's huge old amp at the back of my Zoom GFX-3 multieffects pedal. At the right just behind the pedal is an exposed amp head. On top of my Dad's amp is an EQ. 

Just some creative bokeh looking on to my pedal.

Showing some of the complex external wiring I had to do (the internal wiring is bad enough)... in fact, the front external wiring is much cleaner than the back. LOL

My favorite shot of the night. Not post processed but will do so later tonight and will update my photography blog with that post processed photo.

For now that will be all, next post will be me fixing my input jacks... I have purchased new TS jacks and will replace my decaying TS jacks. I will be finding why my pedal doesn't seem to enjoy the TRS jacks for very long even if the manual says it accepts TRS jacks to have a surround sound feel; and will blog about my findings and if ever I found a work around.

So that's it! PEACE!